A Season Full of Traditions

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Los Altos Festival of Lights ParadeAs the weather gets colder and the nights grow longer, there are visual reminders everywhere that a season full of traditions is beginning. What is common to most is the addition of lights.

They begin to appear as early as Halloween, when we place Jack-o’-Lanterns on our doorsteps to welcome those ghosts and goblins that are trick or treating. From then the lights begin to appear throughout our neighborhoods as people start to add lights to their homes, which glow with faith and light. This can even create spectacular displays on entire blocks.

Los Altos Festival Of Lights ParadeMost of all, here in Los Altos, we can’t wait for our Festival of Lights Parade! Which was inspired by Disney’s Electric Light Parade. Held in the evening with storybook characters, a multitude of floats and bands galore. All a twinkle with thousands of tiny lights. Parades are always something I love, the excitement as the colorful and exquisite floats coming by, the thrill of cheerful music I can hear in the distance and hope will stop and play right in front of the spot I have picked out on the curb. Come join us this year on November 26, 2017 at 6PM and enjoy an event for the entire family.

Los Altos First FridaysNot long after the parade on First Friday, December 1st from 6-8 PM, marks Santa’s arrival, free train rides and stores stay open so you can do your shopping for the season. The holiday tree lighting fills the streets with shoppers, children and carolers alike.

At Enchanté Boutique Hotel, our bistro, Campagne One Main, offers a wonderful respite before or after these events, we invite you to join us for a bite to eat, or a refreshment to warm your soul.