Atelier Elégant

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Atelier Elégant Room at Enchanté Boutique Hotel
Atelier Elégant Room

Sometimes it takes a blank canvas for inspiration, but more often than not, that which surrounds us inspires us. I remember when a shopping mall was the newest, greatest place to go. It was a one-stop shop that brought all our special stores together. It was grand! Now, of course, malls seem to be filled with nothing but chains and big box stores, being not so grand after all, except for the size, and too many people… for me, very uninspiring.

Jardin des Tuileries

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Experience the Jarden de Tuileries At Enchanté Boutique Hotel

Experience The Jarden de Tuileries At Enchanté Boutique Hotel

Once the private garden in Paris for Catherine de Medici, who inspired its creation in 1562, the Jardin des Tuileries is rich with history. Through the centuries that followed the garden transformed, as subsequent caretakers were inspired to expand and add their own personal touch to what was, at the time, the largest and most beautiful garden in Paris.

L’Apothecaire de Marie

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Sam Kahn Scale In L’Apothecaire de Marie Room

Each of our rooms is designed to host our guests in the comfort of a French Chateau. Every door opens to a different theme of decorator selected treasures, with the room name offering a hint of what you will discover. Relax and enjoy your nuit à l’hôtel. Bienvenue – Welcome, to the Enchanté Boutique Hotel.

Selecting amazing people and places as themes for our rooms made Madame Curie an easy choice. She was a woman of firsts:
1st woman to get a PhD at the Sorbonne in Paris;
1st woman to win a Nobel Prize along with her husband in Physics in 1903;
1st person of any gender to win a second Noble Prize, this time for chemistry in 1911;
and remains the only person to win two Nobel Prize awards for two different sciences!

So what better person to be part of our boutique hotel in Silicon Valley where so many 1st‘s have occurred.

Spend Mother’s Day At Enchanté

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Mother Swan And Baby Cygnet Together

Are You My Mother?

Certainly this may not be the question you find yourself asking, unlike the hatch-ling in the familiar children’s book edited by Dr. Seuss.

Are You My Mother? is a book I read to my kids when they were young, over and over again. A young bird goes on a journey looking for his missing mother, and is ever hopeful, as he meets a cast of possible suspects. But as we know in our hearts and what this bird finds out, is that there is nothing like the bond between mother and child!

Sometimes It Takes A Revolution

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The element of surprise seems to be synonymous with spring. It seems like nature’s symphony, as every day brings a new sound into the foray, while the world wakes up from its’ winter hibernation. The gardens come alive with previously forgotten floras and new plantings show hope of a delicious future harvest. This time of year has me thinking of new beginnings, regeneration and discovery.

Just A Little Romance…

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Enchanté Boutique Hotel 2018 Romance Package

It is that time of year when we start to peek our heads out from under the umbrella with hopes to be greeted with clear skies. Of course if the weather is not cooperating we can always count on a little romance to warm our hearts and souls. Dust off the books of poetry, chill the champagne and get the fire crackling…

We want to show the ones we love how much we truly care for them; and often that is when our heads start to spin as we try to plan the perfect day or evening. It can be a daunting task. Luckily, Los Altos is all heart this year, helping us start on time to make it the most extraordinary romantic getaway!

A Season Full of Traditions

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Los Altos Festival of Lights ParadeAs the weather gets colder and the nights grow longer, there are visual reminders everywhere that a season full of traditions is beginning. What is common to most is the addition of lights.

They begin to appear as early as Halloween, when we place Jack-o’-Lanterns on our doorsteps to welcome those ghosts and goblins that are trick or treating. From then the lights begin to appear throughout our neighborhoods as people start to add lights to their homes, which glow with faith and light. This can even create spectacular displays on entire blocks.

Autumn In Los Altos

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Autumn in Los Altos, California

The crunching of fiery red, and rich, golden leaves beneath my feet as I walked to school as a kid, made autumn one of my favorite times of the year. The intense and dramatic effect of the trees turning color, was a joy to see, but the most exciting thing was searching for that perfect leaf, and then trying to preserve its beauty by pressing it in a book.