Los Altos’ Traditional Easter Egg Hunt

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Little easter bunny and easter eggs on green grassI can’t use the word tradition without hearing the fiddle from Fiddler on the Roof and Tevye sing, “Tradition…Tradition!”

Los Altos has some wonderful traditions that bring folks to town to enjoy the community and reunite with friends and neighbors. A long-standing tradition is the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, in it’s 55th year, sponsored by the Los Altos Village Association. With the help of the merchants, over 4,000 filled plastic eggs are conspicuously placed in and around downtown for the children to find on this day, games and crafts follow and then take their picture with the Easter Bunny.

When I started my family, I instinctively felt it was important to have traditions. Many of the traditions I had growing up had been put on the shelf, collecting dust during my twenties, so it surprised me how strong this feeling was to dust them off and see how they worked in my own family. Over the years we tried many activities, some have stuck and become traditions. The Easter Egg Hunt was one. My Mom always made this a great day when I was a kid, and what I loved the best, was not the chocolate, but the little toys I might find that made spring a fun time. A new jump rope, or ball were some of my favorite finds, and okay, the chocolate was also good! So this came forward into my own family and our “you’re hot – you’re cold” game to find the treats is still enjoyable for me all these years later.

It surprises me what my kids remember, and I know the conversation will be full of laughter when it starts with, “remember when we did…or went to …every year!” So if it is the birthday card sent every year without fail from Aunt Edith, or the little note you put in the lunch bag every day, know this is the foundation of every great tradition and is always remembered. An overnight special stay at Enchanté for parents or grandparents is featured here on the website.

This year’s activities are on March 24th, 2018 from 10AM to Noon (55th Annual Downtown Los Altos Easter Egg Hunt) and March 31st from 10AM to Noon (City of Los Altos Spring Egg Hunt). It is a perfect time to come and enjoy the town, all the planters have been refreshed with a variety of beautiful flowers and plants, and the merchants proudly display new arrivals for the Spring. All of this aside, the best part is the joy and laughter that the kids bring to our streets, what could beat that!