Tour de France – Tour de Cure: Silicon Valley

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Historic French Poster At Enchanté Boutique Hotel I first became aware of the Tour de France in the late 80’s; John Tesh was doing the commentary and composed jazzy rock fusion music that matched the excitement of the race. I woke early every morning to watch the latest leg and imagined what it might be like to be on the course there in France. The bikes whirring by, cyclists wheel to wheel, dangerously close, channeling their power and determination in an attempt to move to the head of the pack, the crowd of spectators cheering their favorites on.

You don’t have to go that far to enjoy a good bike ride, or if you are more of a spectator Silicon Valley has it’s own version of the Tour with Silicon Valley Tour de Cure held in August. Originating from the Hewlett Packard campus a short drive from our location at First and Main. Los Altos makes our hotel a perfect place to stay.

One of the many reasons the Tour de France room is a favorite is my appreciation of the historic poster done in Paris in 1891 by the famous Jules Chéret. The colors in the poster, red, blue and white, are complemented throughout the room most comfortably in two cozy blue and white wingback chairs that grace the fireplace and lush window treatments in the same color pallet.

The Tour de France has proven to be a long lasting legacy now running for over 100 years that took tenacity, perseverance and creativity to make it what it is today. This is not unlike the idea of building the Enchanté Boutique Hotel in downtown Los Altos, a legacy for generations to enjoy.

If you are interested in a bike tour that is a bit more low key think about the Silicon Valley Tour de Coop, you can order your custom bicycle through the hotel and enjoy this 20 mile ride on September 15, 2018. We are ready to host you for this event whether you decide to ride or watch from the comfort of the hotel so book your room now!